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My projects

  • AFU group trainer: A software that can be used to train in groups for the (german) ham radio exam (direct link)
  • pipecalc: A rust crate to calculate the dimensions of labial organ pipes (WebPipeCalc)
  • OpenRCT2-OpenMusic: New versions of the songs from RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 for OpenRCT2
  • VPresent: A simple web-based photo presentation tool for photos with GPS metadata (Demo)
  • Game of Life: A simple Game of Life implementation in C++14
  • Triangulate: A tool that can be used to triangulate positions based on their distance from certain points. Possibly useful for geocachers.
  • Technics GA USB: A guide for replacing the floppy drive inside a Technics GA1/GA3 or FA1 (and possibly a few more) organ with a USB floppy drive emulator.
  • Older projects: Even older projects