Over the past few days I performed the Migration of this website from Uberspace 6 to Uberspace 7 and from Zola to Hugo. I had played around with Uberspace 7 before and I decided that the time has come to finally update. Most of the migration was actually just moving things around. It was also a wonderful opportunity to remove some old stuff I had lying around on the old webspace. For example, an old Kanboard instance that nobody was using anymore, various dead subdomains for things like Icecast and so on. Also, some “temporary” files I used to link to from other sites.

Right now I can rsync the main site to Uberspace with the --delete-parameter, so the content of the website will always be in sync with the actual sources (“pure”, reproducible builds). For a long time I actually just updated the files I (thought I had) modified, which sometimes lead to inconsistent states on the webserver and made maintenance quite difficult.

Some things still have to be done manually, like updating both AGT instances, but I have a script that automates that, so I do not expect big issues.

My previous Gitea instance is now completely private, for my public stuff please refer to my GitHub profile.


Although I really like Zola, I decided to give Hugo a try. The old Zola theme was completely custom made by me, which turned out to be more work than I expected. This new site uses a slightly customized Hyde-Hyde theme, which looks better and is a lot more responsive than the old one.

Over the years I have had many different websites, most of them were completely self-made. From the very first one made in OpenOffice over sites with <table>-Layouts to overly complicated self-written PHP stuff. A lot of things have happened since then and a few years ago I discovered the advantages of static site generators. I don't want to go back.